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Beyoncé in Tax Court

This recent piece in Wealth Management highlights the importance of having an experienced professional to provide guidance about tax filing preparation, and in this matter specifically, deductions. In January, the star, also known as Queen B, was not immune from...

Digital Assets

Life After Death: Secure Your Digital Legacy Before You Die This recent piece in the Wall Street Journal notes the importance of reviewing your digital assets and the options that are available to owners to set up preferences before death. For example, some platforms...

The Confusing Fallout of Dying Without a Will

This is yet another WSJ piece about the heartache, hassle, and time and energy draining experience that is often the result when those close to us pass without a suitable estate plan in place. Additionally, many people misunderstand the consequences of having a Will,...

What Happens at the IRS After You File Your Taxes

After many of us submit our tax returns, we usually try to forget about the overwhelming and confusing topic until a hoped-for return shows up in a bank account. In between then, however, our returns are processed by IRS computers and/or staff. This piece from the...

Feeling the Urgency to Get to Estate Planning

COVID-19 has upended our plans and shifted our priorities.  One task that has climbed up on the to-do list is to get to the estate planning that many have wanted to work on, but there were countless reasons why it remained undone.  In recent weeks, many have...


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