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Tales of Inheriting the Family Vacation Home

The linked article raises a lot of important points to consider before assuming that children want the family vacation home.  Additionally, family discussions that take place when the older generation can hear the thoughts of younger generation can be pivotal for...

Combining Finances in a Second Marriage?

Often, couples are not aware of what legally happens to finances when one marries.  This is important information to be aware of especially in California, a community property state. Additionally, there is important information to be aware of when one enters a second...

A Popular Question – When Should One Review a Will?

It is common, as noted in the piece, that a review of one's Will every three to five years is a good rule of thumb if there are no milestones (marriage, birth of child) that occur in that time.  However, we encourage that one review a Will (which should be one part of...

Whether to Discuss Inheritances with Adult Children

The linked article touches on whether one should discuss plans specifically with adult children.  This will vary for a number of reasons including what is the nature of the relationship and privacy concerns.  However, it is usually helpful to inform adult children...

When One Spouse Handles Money

This piece is helpful because although it is natural for one spouse to be the usual go-to for a variety of household tasks, in the area of finances, it is extremely important that the lesser involved spouse has a general understanding of where accounts are kept, the...



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