What Happens at the IRS After You File Your Taxes

After many of us submit our tax returns, we usually try to forget about the overwhelming and confusing topic until a hoped-for return shows up in a bank account. In between then, however, our returns are processed by IRS computers and/or staff. This piece from the Wall Street Journal sheds a bit of light on what goes on behind the curtain after we check filing our taxes off of the to do list.

A few noteworthy bits of information:

  • Once a filing is “accepted,” that does not mean that a refund calculation is approved.
  • The IRS computers sent out 17 million math-error notices last tax season.
  • In the last two years, tens of millions of taxpayers waited more than 10 months for their refunds.
  • Double check that bank routing numbers (as well as Social Security numbers, etc.) were entered correctly to minimize refund delay.
  • Lastly, the IRS will pay interest on late refunds, but the interest received is taxable.


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