It is common, as noted in the piece, that a review of one’s Will every three to five years is a good rule of thumb if there are no milestones (marriage, birth of child) that occur in that time.  However, we encourage that one review a Will (which should be one part of a more cohesive set of plans) annually as well as to keep in mind throughout the year what the Will says and whom it names.  A Will speaks for us when we cannot, and at that time, it communicates very important decisions and preferences to loved ones and/or philanthropies.

If we see someone at least once a year and keep that person in mind regularly, it can be easier to feel more comfortable when interacting with the person.  Similarly, with our Wills and other important documents, if we “see” them annually, it is likely that we will be more comfortable that they will serve well as tools to speak for us when we cannot.