This question is a good one for every parent to consider.  The answer may be easier to reach when there are factors such as illness or other challenges that make the analysis less debatable.  However, when that is not the case, the answers may be less clear cut because each child’s interests and needs may have started to create varying financial commitments starting in the early teen years, or the amount spent on higher education may have been quite different, or the ability for a child to be self-reliant in the early years of adulthood impacted family finances.

It’s helpful that a family counselor is also quoted in this piece as it is good to understand that these decisions do not just impact the amount in our bank accounts.  How we spend money communicates a lot about us and can have serious ramifications on relationships.  Giving this question careful thought is helpful to gain clarity about what we deem important as well as determine our thoughts about our role as parents.